Texture turning out pink & black

ok , i made a wallpaper for my map in after effects then took a screen shot of the vid and got that into photo shop at 512X512 and saved it as .TGA , then put it into VFTedit and saved it as a vtf with auto wmt. on , and i copyed it over into the HL2EP textures folder , when i launch sdk and go into hammer it comes up pink and black , does anyone know why this might happen. also ive made a few textres before and they all worked :S .

Open the .vmt and make sure that it is showing the right directory.

If you copied it without changing the .vmt, that is most likely the problem.

I did the exact same thing, terrenteller just told me what to do in the mega-thread.

ah thank you , also is there a thread for these things , because i couldn’t find anywhere to post this so i just thought here.

So has it worked?

Something like this is probably worth posting in the mega thread. Terrenteller updates it every few hours, and he knows pretty much everything to do with mapping. If he can’t help you, neither can google.

yes it did work , thanks.

The “thread” is called Models/Skins forum. :wink: