Texture/ UV for my model.


Right, I have been working on a model for a day or so now, and the only thing stopping me from having something usable is my lack of a texture. It compiled fine, it worked fine in game, but I have no textures. I am awful at producing them for models it seems, that or Blender gave me the most fucktarded UV maps ever.

If any of you do feel like taking this up, please, reply or PM me, I would be greatly appreciative. The texture doesn’t need to be top notch material, just something that fits the design well. This is the model in question;

More information here, such as the source for the design.
I can provide the door and door frame in whatever major format you prefer if you want to make your own UVs (I recommend it, Blender made some fairly bad ones it seems), so long as Blender can export to it.

Thanks for your time.

Anyone, please?

if you learn it yourself, you will be better off in the long run.