Texture visible only from a particular perspective?

I’m picking up mapping for the gamemode Deathrun, and trying to set it up so that Death players can see the affected area of a trap before they activate it, e.g seeing the dimensions of a trigger_hurt floor. I’m not sure if there’s any way you can set up func_brushes or info_decals to be visible by a particular Team ID. So far the only way that Lord Ned and I have figured out to be a possibility is to make a non-solid nodraw func_brush, texture only the closest face to the Death team with the texture needed, and arrange the dimensions so that any Runners aren’t able to see the texture themselves with jumping around.

Any other ideas?

I remember seeing a similar effect for Left 4 Dead and the infected climb texture. Perhaps it’s possible to do something similar?

Or have a large trigger brush around it, make it team specific, and when triggered it reveals the dimensions. It has the issue that when this happens the Runners can see it…so probably not viable

Probably best to make a Lua entity.

King Alfonzo, you’re right, and I looked up the VMT for that texture and found something interesting in bold:

$basetexture “tools\climb”
$additive 1
“%compilenodraw” 1
"%compileTeam" 2
“%compilepassbullets” 1
“%compileladder” 1
$alpha 0

I’ll see if it has any effect after messing with it.