Textures appearing odd in my map

Hi all

I am having an issue with my custom texture appearing tiled and tiny in the map the first time the map is loaded. It subsequently works fine after that. It looks OK in Hammer (am mapping for ep2). Other players that load my map see the same thing the first time they load the map as well

here is a screenshot of how it looks:

Here is my .vmt file:

	"$basetexture" "tangled/tangled1"
	"$translucent" 0

I am using photoshop CS6.0 x86 with the VTF plugin, the texture resolution is 2048x2048. I am leaving the VTF plugin settings default except selecting the “compressed texture” template.

Any ideas what the cause is?


try taking out the term “$translucent 0” completely, see if that does anything… no reason to have it in the .vmt if it isn’t meant to be translucent anyway

this is just a guess

Doesn’t help :frowning: thanks though

How are you saving the texture? Make sure when you save it as a .vtf in photoshop that you select the compressed texture preset and make sure nothing else below is checked off

Try saving it as “Generic (Default)” for shits and giggles, I’ve had similar things happen when trying a different preset. I believe “Generic (Default)” is what it’s called at-least.

It looks like its scaled wrong. Did you try clicking the face with the face edit tool and clicking fit? That would fit the texture to the brush face.

obviously, but as I said that’s not the issue. It seems not to be happening anymore, though I haven’t changed anything…

Thanks for the input :smiley: