Textures are VERY low res (High settings)

I changed some graphics settings (AA and Filtering increased) and some textures are normal others are just one colour, arms, held weapon and player models are blurred and I have no text.





I have tried setting them back to no avail.

This has only happened since the last update, might be an oversight when updating something.

Small Bump, this needs to be addressed.

that happens when you do not own the game / mounted the game what is required

Buy/Install and activate CS:S, then it should work!

How does that work? Don’t you get a missing texture checkerbox altogether if you have missing mounts?

Theres fallbacks now

Guys, he does own the game.

Is it mounted? Try reinstalling Garry’s Mod by moving the garrysmod/garrysmod folder elsewhere and running Gmod again.

the no text thing happens when you change from windowed to fullscreen too, sometimes.

I get this bug after I disable/enable some addons. A quick restart fixes this.

I get this sometimes after switching servers after my game has been open for a really long time.

Restarting the game usually fixes this for me.