Textures become errors when u get further away

So I have been working on this map with fully custom textures, using pakrat to put le textures in, and everything works except for the palm leaves when you get far away, I am guessing its changing texture when u get further away to decrease lag, but then pakrat should have found that texture aswell right? I really hope someone finds a fix for this as nobody will use the map with every palm being errors.

Far away:

Close up:

A little info thing: Someone used FA:S weapon addon on the map and the leaves looked like the FAS2 gloves for him, im guessing thats because hand “palm”?

EDIT: Would it work to change performance mode on the props? And if so, wich one should I choose?

Use VIDE to pack custom content. Pakrat is outdated and in some instances can end up missing various textures/models/etc.