Textures being overridden on TF2 maps

No, I didn’t install any extra model/texture packs and I already tried cleaning gmod. Certain textures in TF2 maps are being replaced by other textures. I’ll show you what I mean:

There are also missing (not overridden) textures on day of defeat maps.

Any ideas?

Also, this is completely irrelevant, but does anyone know how to trigger the tf2 payload explosion in gmod?

HL2 textures are overriding the TF2 textures.

You could just use GCFScape to extract the TF2 textures into your Garry’s Mod directory.

How? (I have GCFScape by the way)

Open the TF2 materials GCF.

Browse to the materials folder.

Extract that folder to the Garry’s Mod directory. (Second one).

I’ll try it.


Didn’t work.

Alright, here’s what I’ve tried so far (with no success):

-Fully reinstalling gmod
-Defragging gmod, TF2, and DOD:S
-Validating gmod, TF2 and DOD:S

Anyone else have this problem?

Don’t think defrag/validatig would affect it. I would help, but I got problems of my own…

I didn’t think it would either, but I’m trying everything I can to fix it. Even after a reinstall I still have the problem.

Verry strange that this would happen… The Team Fortress 2 Models arn’t even named after any Half-Life 2 models.

FIXED! I tried butters757’s suggestion again, turns out I had to have to tf2 materials subfolders directly in the gmod materials folder.

How I extracted it before: garrysmod/materials/materials/<tonsofcrap>

How I did it now: garrysmod/materials/<tonsofcrap>

That may be a genuine bug… Glad to here its fixed.