Textures don't show up on my custom player model.

Through a tutorial on youtube I managed to succesfully rig a character to a valve.biped skeleton (along with its hands) and put it into Gmod, all the animations work great and I nailed the .lua coding; however I just can’t get the DAMN textures to show up on my character, nor its hands. I’ve checked the materials section on the .qc files multiple times and I should have written the path correctly, so I really don’t understand what I’m doing wrong…

…and before you say anything, the textures ARE in .vmt and .vtf formats.

qc? does the model have the right texture name? vmt location? vtf path referred in the vmt? vtf path?
There are multiple things that could’ve gone wrong.

If the model has a texture called abc.dds and the qc says for $cdmaterials “models\Weapons\melee\fireaxe” example, the vmt must be called abc and it must be in materials\models\Weapons\melee\fireaxe.
Are the vmts properly set up? abc.vmt in materials\models\Weapons\melee\fireaxe should have a shader ( VertexLitGeneric should be fine) and refer to def.vtf in the same folder with $basetexture models/weapons/melee/fireaxe/def (can be in a different folder, change accordingly)

All the vmt are all properly set up,all in the correct folders, and they all reference the correct vtf; any other suggestions?

Have you been using blender?

No, I used 3ds MAX.