Textures errors asap please.


I’ve been playing Garry’s Mod for many, many years, but I’ve stopped since my favorite server shut down. So last night, I have decided to play Garry’s Mod again until I noticed something weird “http://prntscr.com/4egz0l

I thought it was a simple problem to fix so I reinstalled Garry’s Mod and it still was the same thing. So I went on Googling the answer but not much of answer was a solution for me. I asked my friend if he could tell me where and how his Garry’s mod directory looks like. He told me his Garry’s Mod was in “common”, but my Garry’s Mod WAS in “my username” before I reinstalled, so I thought I still had to configure through “myusername”. I then noticed that Garry’s Mod was in “common”. So I guess that happened because I reinstalled it.

But yeah, I was wondering how do I fix missing textures and really weird looking models when I join online servers. Half of the models are either invisible or just really weird looking or just stand there still with their arms streched out.

I also do not have DoD:S, HL2EP&2, Portal installed.

Is it only gm_construct or is it fucked up on gm_flatgrass too? Try verifying your game cache too. It’s weird how some textures load and some don’t.

Are you on DX8?