textures fail

First: sorry if this is the wrong subforum. I couldn’t find any “bugs here” forum. So yeah, i have a problem with the textures of basically every object in gmod.
Whenever it takes a hit (coming from doesn’t matter what, being it me or another object)it turns semi invisible. I can no longer distinguish walls or anything, if I look carefully i can see the vague “prints” from what once the walls were.
Here are 2 screenshots, 1 of the ship in “normal” state and 1 with that same ship after i accidently hit it with another shippart.


after hit

I hope someone can help me with this, it’s really annoying.

Looks like some sort of glitch with the decals. Poke around in the materials folder, see if you downloaded something that’s overwriting the normal decals.

I can’t tell what’s the problem from those pics.

well the first one is obviously the normal one. With the second one you can see the ceiling through the bottom. Those white “squares” are the ceiling lights.

And yes it could be that something overwrote something in the materials folder. I downloaded alot of addons for gmod (spacebuild, lifesupport, stargate mod,… etc.) but just putting those in the addon folder didn’t change anything ingame. So i copy-pasted the folders that were in the addon folders over the ones of my main gmod folder. Occasionally it asked if it could overwrite something but those files were always of the same size as the one they wanted to overwrite.

I don’t think searching through the massive material folder would help me alot as i don’t know what to look for.

no one has an idea? :\