Textures failing and errors everywhere

Pretty much the title says it all…

…and When I say ‘everything’, I mean it. I initially encountered the purple-checker-boxes (which I assume to be texture failures) when trying to play on an RP server on Garry’s Mod, and everything pretty much just failed to load. The sky was a lagging acid trip, the walls were splotched with purple checker-boards and everyone, and just about everything had an error message above their heads.

Naturally I cleaned my Gmod folder but that failed to help it, so I deleted everything and re-installed a fresh copy. This still failed. I decided to go with single player for a bit, but even third-party add-ons seem to not load the textures right, like my Sniper rifle (Barret .50 Cal). The cross-hairs show up as a purple checkerboard, rendering it virtually useless.

I’ve gotten a friend to get me CS:S, but it’s only Pre-loaded and Garry’s Mod doesn’t want to load those files. I have the entire Orange Box and downloaded the Source SDK as well, hoping that might help - which it didn’t. I’ve even done a ‘dxdiag’ check on my computer and nothing seems to work. I’ve defragged all of the games as well, and re-downed HL2 - and nothing.

I’m really at a loss here, and I don’t know if I’m just an idiot who’s trying to hard to solve an easy problem or if this is a real-issue, but I paid money for this game to play with a friend and now it’s essentially pointless because it renders errors and failed textures everywhere.

Please help :frowning:

PS: I’ll post SS’s of anything you need me to as well. Also don’t worry about dumbing things down too much for me, I build computers and and very fluent in the language. Thanks.

buy css

Fully install CS:S

if his friend actually got him css then it should have started downloading automatically

Hey, I’m his friend.
I gave him the CS:S folder and both the .gcf files for it.
He doesn’t want to play CS:S, he just wants the textures and models to be fixed. If the game is fully pre-loaded, shouldn’t it work? I dunno how to help him anymore.

He needs the game.

Technically speaking, if I needed the game you’d think that they’d have told me about it and all when I bought it. As they only list ‘Source engine SUCH AS HL2, CSS, etc’ I was lead to believe the source engine was obviously universal and thus I did not need every game ever made that needed the source engine. Honestly I still think that this is the case.

I honestly believe that there is another way to fix this, as bonsushi said, he gave me the .gcf files that are needed to pre-load the game and cause the files to appear. The game is pre-loaded and all, but Garrys Mod is failing to recognize that they are there.

There is no way I have to buy another game just to make this work. I know it said ‘A’ source engine and all, but more than one?! I’m just not buying it.

Someone please give me something I can work with besides spending 20$ on something I’m not even sure will help my cause. As I said before, you don’t have to dumb anything down for me, I just need something… Even if I have to resort to hacking it to get it working for me… as I said, I paid money for this and I’m determined to get my money’s worth.