Textures for custom models are invisible

This has been happening to me non stop, and every project I make can’t proceed due to this, I do everything correct, but when I try it in Gmod, be it a ragoll, playermodel or a prop, it will be invisible, it’s there, I can use the material tool to give it a material, but why is it invisible? I get it if it was Purple and Black, I must have missed a directory, but invisible???
Here’s my thought process: I make the prop in blender, I give it a material with the name “potato”, I give it a bone for it to work and make an idle animation, I make a physics model and smooth it with the same everything of the normal model, I do the UV map for BOTH and then make a texture for it, I try it in blender and it works, I do all the stuff to compile it, I put in the correct path file for material, I turn the texture into a VMT and a VTF with correct path file, I compile the prop, put it in models and put the materials in the materials, and it’s invisible. If I put any of the paths wrong it gives me purple and black, so it’s normal, I’ve never wished it to show purple and black until now.
Here is the QC, and some pics:

$Modelname "potato\potato.mdl"

$BodyGroup "1"
	studio "potato.smd"

$SurfaceProp "carpet"

$Contents "solid"

$MaxEyeDeflection 90

$CDMaterials "potato\"

$Sequence "idle" {
	fadein 0.2
	fadeout 0.2
	fps 1

$CollisionModel "potato_physics.smd"
	$mass 0.876935
	$inertia 1
	$damping 0
	$rotdamping 0
	$rootbone " "


Here is my best guess: something with VTFEdit, I played with it for a while (with transparent texture, hence why I think this is it) but when I check for it, it’s normal, and the files it makes are perfectly normal as well, I really don’t know what to do, it’s a 100% rate of failure EVERY project I make, and it must be more than just an error.

In the vmt file, replace “LightmappedGeneric” with “VertexLitGeneric”

Yes, this is is, I want to say stuff like “oh wow I’m stupid lol” but it was such a big problem for me that I just want to thank you, and since I was frustrated on how little documented this problem was, I’ll add some tags to this comment for the sake of the future generation:


You’re probably using vtfedit and that defaults to lightmappedgeneric. You’ll get errors in console about an “unsupported vertex format” if you try to use shaders that don’t work on certain objects.