Textures glitching and see through

I made these textures for my map, but its glitching out weird.


nodraw, clip, and others arent supposed to be there

“$basetexture” “Kolton/WallPack/WallPack_Beige01”
“$bumpmap” “Kolton/WallPack/WallPack_Bump”
“$surfaceprop” “Default”

Looks like transparency issues… does your texture have an alpha map?
it will show up fine ingame, but yeah

no it has no transparency at all and that’s the VMF for all the textures just a diff name

But if it shows up fine in-game then ok.

by the way i like the textures, are you using them for a special map or are you going to release a pack with many different version of it?

Well their for a map but I will release a pack after
Here’s pics of the textures



Did you rip them from the Sims?

Made em myself

tut plox

or is it just gradient? with some shit on it

Yea it was really simple. I got a molding, then put a gradient behind it and added the grain filter

what size are they?

HL2 Default wall size. So they’re perfect hight and width in game.
No need to stretch.

They somewhat give me that glitchy effect in game too though. Some dynamic entities can be seen through it… ill remake the VMT’s

I have the same problem. I never solved it. But in-game it looks fine. As long as you don’t make the brushes with your custom textures a func_detail, or a displacement. Then you can see through them ingame aswell.

Edit oh, there are no dynamic shadows casted on my custom textures, i will make a thread about that now. Maybe you can find out if that is also the case with your textures?


In mij VMT files there was $translucent" 1 added by vtfedit. I removed it, and now it’s fine.

That’s weird because mine is removed, and all the textures with that in it are fine. It’s like the opposite.

Haha ok. It also solved my shadow problem… It’s like hammer does it on purpose. Just to annoy the consumer, to prevent us from making awesome maps :stuck_out_tongue:

No, it’s just because you don’t know enough about the texture shaders.

Mr. Obvious is obvious

Maybe hammer should compile a little sense of humor for you.

Come back if you really do know about shaders and post some HLSL for me, mister obvious troll.

There’s a difference between VertexLitGeneric and LightmappedGeneric for a reason…

what the fuck is this



here we are

in the mean time use another image hosting service such as cubeupload.com
sounds good to me (aside from having shitty software full of exploits and problems because nobody bothers telling anyone about them, i’d rather know about exploits then be kept in the dark relying on somebody else to fix them)

Thanks for the link The Pro. I’ll use that site from now on.

I fixed them, It turns out for some reason it did have the transparency tag in the VMT
Thanks for the help guys

Edit: That is one of the coolest hacks I have seen. What a good way to get the word out.