Textures have vanished

Okay, I opened RP_Evocity2_v1p to just do some messing around, last time I played it it was fine, everything was there, when I opened it this time I had the purple/black checker thing going on all over the place, the sky was acting funky (Hard to describe, hopefully someone may know what I mean anyway) and the water was just wireframe… Also, same problem to a lesser degree to sb_new_worlds_2 the hanger roof was wireframe, water was okay, but there were a lot of errors in the asteroid-base-type-thing. Both of these maps were fine before, and now not… the only thing changed since last time is I think I installed CS:S since last time I played those maps. Also Gooniverse is missing the texture on the magma planet but I only downloaded that recently, hadn’t seen it with that texture there…

Could anyone tell me what might be going on and/or any ways to fix things?


As far as the purple and black go on EvoCity, it should work by simply reloading the map (client side, so retry would work). I would try this with the other maps… but I’m not sure it’ll work.

Rawrg, no such luck sadly… tried twice now with Evo, still no luck…

Check your gmod settings and make sure all boxes are checked? Make sure your game cache for your source games are alright.

Game cache? Not sure how to check that… xP will check teh boxes though quick (Should probably do that before posting this but I’ve typed this far would be a waste to backspace it all ^^)


Okay, yes… Somehow all my games got unmounted from Gmod…


Thankyou Rya ^^