Textures in Gamemode

I’m currently making a gamemode.
My problem is i can not seem to get the custom textures to work.
I have both the vmt and vtf set up properly.

Both located in “garrysmod\gamemodes\SpaceTown\content\materials\spacetown”

But for some reason when i use:
surface.GetTextureID( “spacetown/npc_derma_1” )

i get “— Missing Vgui material spacetown/npc_derma_1”

So my question is am i putting the files in the right place or where do i put them.

can you show your vmt ?

Sure can:

did you launch it in single player ?


so, it should work, try to change the names if you have already used the same name for an other material.

No that did not work.

put them into garrysmod/materials/spacetown.