Textures look fine in Maya but not in HL2

Maybe you saw this in Request section. It was a mistake. Sorry.

I started modelling for Half-Life 2 using Maya this morning. Noesis’ guide on modelling for Hl2 using Maya taught me the basics, and I figured out how to make the different faces have different pictures, but still only using one texture file. It looks good and alligned, but when the tga is converted to vtf, and I open the model in Model Viewer, the textures aren’t alligned as I want them, and some of the faces even don’t have a texture.

Is this a common thing, and can anyone help me out?
Feel free to ask anything about the model, and I will provide as much information as I can.

Thank you.

And after reading the rules; I will post my vmt and QC:


$modelname GigaCan\GigaCan.mdl
$scale 1
$cdmaterials models\GigaCan
$sequence idle "GigaCan_idle" fps 1
$surfaceprop "metal"

$body studio "GigaCan.smd"

$collisionmodel "GigaCan_phy.smd"

	$mass 3.0

$upaxis Y


	"$basetexture" "GigaCan"
	"model" 1
	"$envmapmode" 1

In Maya:


In Model Viewer:


did you unwrap it?

I doubt it. Could you explain what that means?


Ok, it appears it was my simple way to doing the UV Work. Watching some tutorials on how to do it for real fixed it. Thank you :smiley: