Textures look like colours not textures

Hi, I was making a new map today and I encountered a problem, When I applied a texture to a brush instead of displaying a texture it showed a colour ( colour similar to the texture ). Im actually porting a old half-life level I made to source so I opened the old RMF in source sdk hammer.
here is a screenshot:


  1. Does other textures work?
    -Yes > Your texture is messed up
    -No > Read on.
  2. What is your camera set to in hammer?(Right click “camera” text to find out)

I can do it just fine on other maps, But its just this new map Im making that is having problems. And the camera is set to 3D Textured

Set it to Shaded Textured Polygons. (The camera, Right click)

I did, nothing changed. I can apply textures they just look like 1 solid color not a texture. Here is what I did…

Decompiled hl1 map with WinSPC
saved .map as .RMF
opened .RMF in Source SDK hammer
tried applying textures, appears as a solid color.

Missing textures. Whatever config you’re using doesn’t have the textures in it’s materials folder.

It’s missing or broken textures.

O rly?
then why is it not pink checkers.

what config are you using
can you see textures when the opened file is not an “rmf”?
can you apply any textures?
try compiling.
Whats it look like?

Hammer shows missing textures as plain white etc. in the 3d view, and pink checkers in the texture browser panel on the right.

Oh right.
but then why are his colored?

Isn’t that why we’re all here?

No but seriously. He just answered that question.

“Hammer shows missing textures as plain white etc. in the 3d view”


I was saying
“if they should show up as plain white, then why are they colored, just solid, instead?”

This happened to me also when I converted a HL1 map, every texture seens to be plain color. Maybe it’s hammer having dificulties with brushes. Try pressing Alt+P to find errors. If fixing them didn’t help, you’ll have to find a .map to .vmf converter, or another decompiler.

It looks like the render mode has been changed, change it back to textured. Pretty much what Ned said.

I’m pretty sure it’s because you are making hl1 maps.
download the hl1 hammer instead: http://games.softpedia.com/get/Tools/Valve-Hammer-Editor.shtml

I’ve been searching high and low for that. Thanks alot! :smiley:

Im using Hammer 3.4… The textures are not missing. All the .WADS are their. And if they were missing the colors would not correspond to the color.