Textures mess up after a while on custom map.

When ever I play one of my custom maps for what ever reason after a while my textures will go to the pink and black checkers on some of my weapons and models.
I was told it was something I did wrong in my map and I searched it but no luck on finding what I need to do.
Help will be appreciated thank you.

Well by someone saying its something wrong with your map is way to vague to be helpful.

Did you happen to find something wrong with your map after they said this? If you need help I suggest pasting the compile log in the error checker at


If there is anything wrong with the map this usually can point you in the right direction.

Let me know.

Is it your map or is it somebody elses. If its yours, you need to place env_cubemap entities, then in console type
mat_specular 0
mat_specular 1

If its not yours, then restart the game.

So without Cubemaps then that problem will occur?

I never did know much about mapping but i’m slowly learning.

Well you said some of the weapons and models. Are any of them custom? If so you might have missing textures.

Nothing is custom other than the map.

What do you mean? That the map was not made by valve? In which case it’s safe to call it a map, without the custom bit.

As Firegod said, it is the cubemaps (or, rather *lack of *cubemaps) that are at fault here. Env_Cubemap entities are required in a map in order for reflective surfaces to function properly: they are, in effect, cubes that take 6 screenshots of the world around them (one for each face) to create a 360 degree “environment map” which nearby textured surfaces use for fake reflections. If there are no cubemaps present, textures (on both models and the map) have no environment map to use, therefore don’t know what their reflections look like so reflect the checkered error material. To fix the issue please read up on cubemaps and their placement, then place them in your map as such.
Once you’ve placed the cubemaps and compiled, run the game. Each time you compile with cubemaps and the game loads up, you have to execute the in-game console command buildcubemaps once every compile in order for the reflection screenshots to be taken. Many games then require you to restart the game in order to see these changes (CS:S and TF2 do, I think) although whether you have to or not will be obvious to you.

Thanks guys for all your help i’m about to do the thing with cubemaps then play a little while and see if it worked or not.

Nice now my hammer won’t open. Just my luck.

Ok its working again.