Textures missing

So, I tried to port a prop to gmod, however, it turned out untextured once in game. I’m almost certain I set up my vmts and vtfs correctly as well as designating my $cdmaterials properly. See anything wrong?

Materials in blender:

Materials folder:

QC File: http://pastebin.com/gGAZfAZS

In game:


Can you atleast show one or two of the .vmt files?

Had the same situation with one of my first models. Probably the problem is that you typed wrong the textures path in the .vmt file.

Here you are, sorry about that:

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Well, I used the vmt tool in vtf edit, so I couldn’t have done that, but who knows.

Yea, there is your problem. It seems that the $basetexture material path doesn’t match the current material path.

Oooh, shit. I see what you mean. I hadn’t looked at it and seen that until now. Thanks for telling me!

In your case, it should be
“$baseTexture” “jameston/dropship/material_4”
(corrected, my mistake)


Yeah, I sorted it all around. It came out nicely, thanks!