Textures Not Showing

I added some custom textures, but when I got to use/add them. There purple and black! >_<

make sure directories inside the vmt is correct, make sure u put the texture in the correct folder

They all are in the HL2DM material folder like there suppose to be. :\

But does each individual texture have its own VMT file? Also, edit the VMT to its proper directory.

This problem has been fixed, they were not in the right directory

How do I make custom textures anyways?
I downloaded these.

Make a material save as targa then place the picture in vtf edit. Save the file from vtf edit in a folder. Click tools, press create vmt file make base texture 1 have the folders name then the texture name. They must have the same texture name as the vtf. Simplified

make targa picture> place in vtf edit> save as vtf> click tools tab> click create vmf> edit “base texture 1” to have the name of the folder thats going to contain the vtf and vmf along with the texture name ex. texturefolder/texturename> after that click create> place folder containing the vm and vtf in the materials folder.

Uhh, what? How do I do that??

Why don’t you direct yourself to the sticky?

Make something in paint or whatever. Download VTF Edit, Click new and select the pic you just made, Open it, Some options should popup, Mostly speaks for itself leave bits you don’t know, Save it to the game config your using e.g CSS, Put it in the css materials folder. Then click tools i think it is and press create vmt, Make sure it’s in the same place as the VTF and then restart hammer and you are done.

Ok that helps…Ill try that thanks alot…

Fuck dat shit. If you have photoshop use the vtf plugin.