Textures not working in HLMV

so i’ve been trying to compile a model for source (first time doing so) for a bit now, and i got the model to show up, but i get the pink and black checkerboard instead of the texture :suicide:

my qc file:

$modelname	"quelch\mrquelchbottle.mdl"
$scale 1
$body mybody	"mrquelchbottle.smd"
$surfaceprop	glass
$cdmaterials	"models\quelch\mrquelchtexture"

$sequence idle	"mrquelchbottle.smd" // no animation wanted, so re-using the reference mesh

$collisionmodel	"mrquelchbottle-phys.smd" { $concave }

my .vmt file

$basetexture" "models\quelch\mrquelchtexture\"
$model 1
$translucent 1

Have you fixed vtfs yet? And have you named the vmt after the material listed in “models”?

This is my very simple vmt file. But I named it after the material and wrote my texture name.

yes, my VMT is the same name as my VTF

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idk if this will help but i got a picture of what i mean in HLMV

Try renaming your VMT to Material.vmt as noted by the little drag down window to the far left named “Materials used:”.

thanks so much!