Textures not working on this cunt of a model

So since of the developers of PVKII are retards and use shitty optimization techniques, I have to go through the painstaking process of removing the arms from their v_models because the quality of the w_models simply fucking blow the dick of a sperm whale. I did this flawlessly, but apparently not according to something because the textures won’t fucking load because the developers of PVKII are a terrible disgrace to the title “developer”

here’s what is happening:


All I’m doing is decompiling them, importing them into 3dsmax, selecting the arms by material ID, deleting, exporting, recompiling, and then this shit happens. Any idea on why it is being a gaping bloody cunt? I’ve double triple checked every thing, I’ve redone everything twice, and I’ve used different methods of removing the hands. None of which give satisfactory results(aka not functional)

Do you have a stack of modifiers? Right click the modifier stack and collapse all. That preserves UV maps, because it looks like you’re losing them after you delete the arms.