Textures that draw on top of everything?

Hi guys, I made some custom textures to use on my map, but they draw on top of every object. Here’s the VMT of one:

	"$basetexture"		"oops"
	"$nolod" 			1

And I made the material a BGRA8888 with “No Mipmap” “No Level Of Detail” “No Minimap Mipmap” and “Eight Bit Alpha (Format Specified)” checked on the options. Does anyone know what could be causing this? Thanks.

$ignorez 0
I think.

$basetexture refers to the .vtf file.

Replace “oops” with the actual directory + file name that’s located within materials folder.

Example: “$basetexture” “customfolder/customfolder2/customtexture.vtf”

The material shows up fine, it is just always on top of everything.

@Ehmmett That didn’t work :frowning:

Ah, my bad. Dunno what to do then. :confused:

The reason it’s just “oops” is because it’s in the base materials directory; there are no subfolders e.g. “materials/oops.vtf”


Wow you’re quick… how’d you break my auto-merge when you DIDN’T actually break it?

Isn’t it “$ignorez” “1” ?

Its the $nolod 1
dont use that in the vmt, just check no mipmaps and no lod in the vtf


That would only cause it to ignore the far z clip plane, which would do no good in this case

That makes it so you do see through walls.

I’m pretty sure its the nolod and not the nonexistent ignorez thats causing it.

Rate me bad reading, I thought he DID want it to draw on top of everything. :byodood:

I gotta go to bed. ._.

You sir, are a saint. A SAINT.

Thanks, it works now :dance:

Also thanks to all of the others who helped :smile:

Fun fact, the "s aren’t needed afaIk.

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