Textures that work well with an elevated train railway?

I’m trying to make an elevated train in my map but one problem that I came across was that none of the textures seemed to look good on the supports of the railway. Is there a good custom pack that might help with this?

Here is my main reference picture:


Thanks in advance.

You could just make your own, its worth the effort.

Portal 2 has some.


Something like that?

Maybe try the Stalker texture pack it has some metal textures.

Also here is simple train that i made awhile back but i doubt i’ll get any more use out of it. Your welcome to pick anything from it. I believe it needs Half Life 2 and then ep2 for the single light post and 2 seperate stalker textures.
Download Image

Thanks for all the replies.

@RustyC Thanks for the suggestion but I should of mentioned in my original post that I am not good at making textures.

@Stinkyarmpit Thanks for the link to that texture pack, it looks very useful. Also, thanks for offering your train prefab but I am not really going with a Combine style to the map.