Textures too sharp

I decided to try to make some textures from pictures i made over the years.

after i made them tileable i noticed a other problem, they look too sharp.
pixels are overlapping / having the moiré effect.

Is there an workaround for this?


the square plates look too blurry, the pebbles look too sharp.

also can i cycle between textures randomly to avoid the tiling artifacts? (repeating patterns)

Do you have mipmaps?

If so, try reimporting with “box” mipmap settings and filter set to “none”


in regards to textures being too soft or sharp you might want to check your video settings for your texture filtering quality and mip quality

Thanks Stiffy, that was the solution.
@Wrath, just tried detail texs, works great. But still had to rework some parts of the texture. may still need a bit of practice.