Textures wont show up

hey, i’m porting a model, i have everything done except the textures which are only appearing as purple/black checkerbox… here is my VMT:

“$basetexture” “data/Pyrotex”


Wrong shader. Use VertexLitGeneric for models. LightmappedGeneric is assigned for brushes.
And close curly bracket

ok, did that, but HLmodel viewer says it can’t find the friggin VMT, i have it in my materials directory

Get “Source MDL Texture Info” from this page:

Run the model through this and it will show the paths.

still says it can’t find the stupid VMT

what’s your cdmaterials directory
where’s your vmt
where’s your vtf

You’re obviously doing something wrong in the first two steps

Make sure nothing is misspelled or anything as well, I had a texture in which I needed to open the .mdl file with notepad++ to change a ‘1’ to an ‘I’ in the textures name.

VMT and VTF are in C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps****\half-life 2\hl2\materials\models\PyroGXtextures, and are both called pyrotex-mat

yourvtfistheninabad places

no, data is were the TGA came from, heres my updated VMT:

$basetexture C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps*****\half-life 2\hl2\materials\models\PyroGXtextures\pyrotex-mat.vtf
$surfaceprop metal

Take a moment to look at your VMT and compare it any other vmt.
After which I’d like you to take a close look at the format of the basetexture path. I think it ought to be fairly obvious what you did wrong.

As a sidenote
is your $cdmaterials in the QC pointing to models\PyroGXtextures?

yup, it does

what modeling program are you using? if you use 3ds max then maybe theres somethin wrong with exporting.

ive learned sometimes the plugin for 3ds max can mess up with materials sometimes.

if ur using another program then im not sure.

i used blender… so i dunno

heres the error i’m getting

It’s unable to find your vmt, so either it’s name or location are wrong.

To figure out the correct name, just open the SMD in notepad and look for the name of the texture.
Here’s an example

  0 -4.246873 -0.048222 22.747231 -0.309262 -0.695147 0.648943 0.924205 0.275073 1 0 1.000000
  0 -3.353286 -0.331427 22.805290 -0.265637 -0.724178 0.636399 0.923887 0.286321 1 0 1.000000
  0 -4.299541 1.951266 24.351730 -0.319871 -0.419790 0.849387 0.958932 0.273015 1 0 1.000000

The model will then search for a texture named omendoby_d.vmt in the folder specified in $cdmaterials

ok, mine’s looking for a .001 file for some reason, i’ll go change it :smiley:

-bump- STILL DOESN’T WORK!!! ლ(ಠ_ಠლ)

Change the “$basetexture” path to models/PyroGXtextures/pyrotex-mat", do NOT include anything “C:” related as Source always looks for files that exist in a game’s directory. Also, remember this for next time, when using textures on models put VertexLitGeneric as the shader instead of anything stupid like LightmappedGeneric (as LightmappedGeneric is mostly and only used as textures for brushes in maps)