Textures won't show.

I’m trying to edit a map, Pretty sure the map doesn’t have any dependencies but instead of it having textures when I unpacked it, it turned out like this

These are my settings and it does include the base.fdg file

For some reason it won’t show the textures in the 3D Preview, it only runs off a map bsp file which I converted 1 time using VMEX and the 2nd using BSPSRC, But they won’t show.

click camera and set it to “textured”

Thanks, How do I edit in 3D

hit x then you can move stuff around. It’s a bit annoying to use though and for the most part you’re better off with the 2d Grid.

Also maximize the render windows.

Hit shift + Z to maximize the previously interacted viewport and ctrl + a to reset the viewports.

Can I add more doors into the map?

yes, I suggest copy pasting a door then snapping to the grid. Make sure you remove the door name if it has one.