Texturing a Milkshape Model

Hey guys, I made a milkshape model, it’s not textured yet, and I want to texture it, and I want a texturing file, like:

Would be nice how to know, i’m using milkshape to model.

You highlight the faces you want to texture, regroup them, apply a material to them, find the texture you want to use with the first button labeled <none>. Then you open the texture co-ordinate editor in WIndow along the top, with the faces still highlighted, find your regroup (or if you named it the name of the group) and click on it then use the region button and draw over the place on the texture you want it to apply to, using the different sides to orientate it then apply.

Once I apply the material to the model, it will see like this:


Front part is black, sides has the good texture, and the back is black too.

I fixed it, thanks!

np :slight_smile: