Texturing and Polygon limits

I was wondering about how I would go about learning decent ways to texture. I can do some basic UV mapping and come up with texture for simple objects though. I’m having problems with I guess texture pinching and trying to get the alignment to wrap over right.

As for polygon limits, I want to know what the limit for the minimum gmod install is. Also I wanted to know what the typical triangle count for a character is for things from the ps1 to the ps3 and other systems was. A good aim for a gmod character’s poly count would be nice too.

there is a realy high poly limit, i dont think i have ever heard of someone going over

a good character model

3000-8000 less is better

Well Alyx is circa 9k polygons, and characters in ue3 games will probably run around 15k.
Keep in mind that if you make character meshes you will probably have one extremely high poly which will act as your normal and AO bake source.

As to PS1 characters - a few hundred polygons at most I guess.