Texturing custom models?

I’ve been picking up modeling a bit, it’s been working pretty well for the most part. Thing is, even after looking up many tutorials, none of them ever go over anything but basic texturing. By basic texturing, I mean; one texture that encompasses the entire model. This is not my goal, my goal is to have different textures applied to different areas of the model. How is this handled? Is it handled in materials? Is it handled on the model itself? If it’s handled in materials, how are they applied to the model from there?

That is called UV mapping. You cut the model up into a flat image and then you can paint it and add textures in Photoshop or whatever. There are a lot of tutorials on this, but I can’t really recommend any without knowing what 3D software you use.

I use blender, what would you recommend for that?

Might I also add, I already have the model textured, I just need to get it’s in-blender appearance into gmod. I have the model in already, but it’s not textured yet since I don’t know how to add them. It’s not textured with a UV map, however, it’s just individual images. How would I get that into gmod?

Oh. I thought you meant you didn’t know how to add textures to models. I wouldn’t have any clue how to get it into Garry’s Mod, unfortunately. Good luck, though!