Texturing for complete idiots

So, I’m trying to recreate a train station from a book I’m writing, however I’m trying to create a grungy broken up tiled up floor with a bump map. I created a regular texture and normal map texture to compile together. However, I end up with a black and purple checkerboard. I’ve been using VTFedit since if I tried doing it manually and I would screw nine ways from Sunday (never understood that saying), so I really need help…because I want to be able to finish this level and use textures with bump maps mostly to make it look more realistic. If this doesn’t work, I’ll release a completely lit up and fixed version of my map but with simple dev textures and I really don’t wanna do that.

Done the VMT?
In the right folder?
Using the right game config?

Episode 2, VTFs are in the materialsrc folder and the compilded VMT is in the material folder

I’m pretty sure I’m using the Episode 2 game config, I haven’t changed it all, I’m quite noobish with this stuff…

I think your supposed to put the materials in the half life 2 episode 2 folder. Not the source sdk folder.

Put material files (both .VTF and .VMT) in:

Steam/steamapps/username/half-life 2 episode 2/ep2/materials.

Then restart Hammer/Source SDK.