Texturing Question

I am trying to create a server cabinet for a map I am working on. I pretty much have the brush work done and the servers are in place. The problem is there is nothing in the default game textures that would work for some rackmount servers.

So I was going to try to make my own textures for the servers. The problem is that the textures would not be to the dimensions that it needs to be for hammer. It would be an oblong rectangle instead of an even square.

The servers are 1U, 2U, and 4U. I might even go bigger. A rack U is 1.75" X 19"

Getting to the point, how would I make a texture that would fit the dimensions I need and still be an even square for hammer?

make the texture your own resolution, then when exporting it for hammer, resize it up to the nearest power of two. When applying the texture, shrink the X and Y values below .25, you can calculate the values algebraically.

Ok, think I understand.

So you are saying make the texture with Photoshop or GIMP and make it at my own resolution. Then with I use VTF edit, resize it to the nearest power of 2.
I don’t understand what you mean about calculating the size algebraically

In Hammer, specifically the Face Edit Sheet, there are two values for the X and Y resolution of an image. So if you leave them both at .25, as they are set by default, you texture will be as stretched as it is when exported. So you would reduce both of them by a specific percent in order to regain the original resolution you created the image as. This can easily be solved with algebra, just something I figured I’d point out…

Oh ok now I understand.

What is the best way for one to get textures? Are digital camera photos good enough?

digital cameras are good, although there are a few tips to help you get the best stock photos…

  1. use a tripod to get a clean shot, none of that blurry shit.
  2. you want the least grain as possible
  3. make sure the surface is evenly lit so that in-game lighting won’t be tinted or shadowed improperly
  4. make absolutely sure the object is in focus.

Or see if you can find anything at CGTextures.com