Texturing question

Hey again. Not much of a problem, more-so a question.

Say I want 2 textures on a model, “billboard01” and “billboard02”. How would I arrange the VMT to suit the two textures? Just point it to the texture folder, or add two $basetextures each pointing to one texture?

You don’t have to do anything like that. If both materials are applied to the model, all you have to do is drop them both in the folder where the model looks for its materials (as indicated by $cdmaterials in your qc).

If you’re talking about multiple skins, you can find all the information you need right here.

Two separate VMTs in the same folder (he one the QC has been told to look in), named as the applied material is.

Thank you, Silver Spirit. Tanner, thanks for trying.

np :slight_smile: