sorry this is probably the noobish question of the day but here goes, im making a map and for the first time im going to try and use textures from the internet that people have made. So do i have to set my hammer to use garrysmod config (normally just use HL2:E2 config) also were about’s would i put the textures so i can use them and finally what do i have to do to make sure the textures come with the map.

Sorry if there is all ready a thread with out the seachcbar working i thought i would just post and see what happens.

Mapper’s Encyclopedia.

Ctrl + F and search for “Custom Textures”.

Then to use them, just search for them in the texture browser like you would with any other texture.

You still don’t need to use the garrysmod config, use ep2 as normal and shove the textures into the ep2 materials folder.

If you have Garry’s Mod config set up properly (and have already attached the FGD), place the VTF+VMT in a folder such as garrysmod/materials/custom. Use VTFEdit to make convert a TGA file into those.

There are 3 ways to make the textures come with the map. You can:

  1. Compile the textures into the BSP with PakRat (recommended)
  2. Put the map in addon format, with folders set up for the textures
  3. Put the textures with the map and tell them to put it in their own materials folder (messy and not recommended).

Also, search FacePunch using Google’s site search features: “site:facepunch.com custom textures”

it’s Facepunch, not FacePunch.

anyways can’t you just use http://www.facepunch.com/search.php instead of google?

PakRat can make a hash of things. VIDE is recommended over pakrat.