TF 2 Event mapping - creation

Hi, and currently i’m working on a Team Fortress 2 map.

The map is a trade/event map. You can trade in general there, and when people donate items to the server. The server will start a event of the donaters wish.

So that’s some background information, but the reason I made this thread, were because I thought that it would be funny to let you guys make your own events.
You can simply make any kind of event you want, within these rules of construction.

#1. Don’t fill up half the map.
#2. Make a panel that contains: A start button and a end button. + every button for the things to work, which is something that should be manipulated with by the admins.
#3. Do not need any special items to participate in the event.
#4. Alot of enjoyment

How the event is gonna look is 100 % up to you. You can even make your own textures.
Basically you can create anything you want. (within the rules of being an event ofc d:)

You might also be thinking: “What do I gain from doing this? Is he just trying to use me for his own good?”. You will be credited in any way you want, for what you’ve created ofc. I will personally create a credit room where every creator will be credited for all their hard work.

If you want to join in, post something below and tell me what you wanna create :slight_smile:

Here’s some pictures for what i’ve made so far.

A small fortress in the warzone:

The whole warzone so far:

Teleportation room, I will take care of this place :slight_smile:

Spawn, gonna change some things on it.

How long did it take you to make that map?

Please add some light!

Didn’t take that long time making this, just wanted something simple to start off with. I’m also gonna add light later. Aswell as other people can do stuff too.

Your texture alignment is just terrible, do you even grasp the basic concept of mapping?

It looks ugly. If you want to show off a map with it’s own thread, it needs to be a certain level. IE, lighting, texture alignment, props, texture variation per brush.

If you’re gonna criticize my work, let it be constructive. Like IronPhoenix did in the post above. I can actually use that to improve what i’ve made. Don’t post if it’s just to tell me it looks terrible.

Also I did not post this to show off my mapping skills, it’s for creating a huge trade/event map. Only with the point of letting mappers be creative and the users being glad. Either way it’s a fun project.

Well…it is terrible.

I can see lines on the textures where they don’t align. Thus, it’s terrible and is a description of what you need to do.

eh, i have seen worse
but it’s not that far away

Am trying to improve too.

True…that texture misalignment in the dwarven district is really annoying me.

Squidward be mad.

Stop the hating :expressionless: Start loving.

Your map clearly needs work. The brushwork is quite bland, and the obvious lack of lighting doesn’t help much.

Please don’t state the obvious. I think everybody knows that by now.

PS. I did add light by now :slight_smile: Still testing different styles.

It also looks like you’ve gone for the “slap-a-sky-box-around-the-entire-map” approach. Which is not good at all. Also, the textures need work, since the alignment is really bad, and the brushwork is awful. It needs more detail, especially the bridge in the middle.

In short, it needs a lot of work.

You also need to look at texture use. I see a hl2 ceiling and a hl2 decal there, and they look odd on the tf2 textures.

I will now update the information. What you see in my screenshots, is not how the map looks atm (textures, light added and etc.) I will soon post new screenshots but as of the moment I do not have necessarily much time to spend on the map, since i’m in the middle of all my exams atm. Things you are posting to correct the map has already mostly ben corrected. You do not need to inform me about it anymore untill the new screenshots are posted. When i’ve posted them you can happily start helping both me improve and the map :slight_smile:

We honestly don’t need anotyher trade ma p

Hey, don’t be hating on it just beacause it’s a trading map. I finally went on TF2 again after months of not playing, and noticed the same trading maps being used, and it’s been like that for a year. It would be nice to see something new and unique, because it’s all the same map on like every server, save for some which actually DON’T use trade_plaza.