TF141 taking fire!

decided to add some effects… long time ago since i made dust impacts and blood so go easy on me ;D

and are the tracers too laser lookin?

Lookin pretty good Arty.

They are just a little muddled because of how bright the picture is in some spots. They would also look a bit better if they were less solid and began fading away sooner up the tracer. Would help to remove the laser-ness.

Thanks for the good comment :smiley:

I like it a lot!!!

I have merely one complaint:

Wait, no I don’t.

Excellent work :smiley:

Hey, i saw this somewhere already.

So I’m not the only one going crazy then. I knew I commented already.


Lol I didn’t spot the blood before. Haha looks like Paint. You can do better than that - I have seen it!


FPSBanana a few days ago. I saw it too.

Pretty sure this is the same guy though

its a different version of it yes… it was on FP as well

No, it was on FP, lemme take a look.




Ninja I am. :smiley:

The editing looks good!

Desert Eagle. How original :geno:

the blood, cmon man, take your time on your pictures, dont rush to make the really good
nice posing

Great job, but Camarilla is right, Desert Eagle is a bit overrated.

like my 2nd year or even 3rd with garrysmod… I do know that…

but i just like the gun :smiley:

Aren’t Desert Eagles awful guns in real life?

Heavy, big recoil… depends though… if you have a version with the smaller caliber or the bigger D:

That wheel is the most fuel efficient wheel I have ever seen… ever…