More background work required to

Great, now you will spam your shit pictures all over facepunch.

First of all: Multicam camo in an urban enviroment? The fuck? The explosion is entirely shit and low quality. TF141 outdated models, fuck off. AND FOR FUCKS SAKE, LEARN THE FUCKING BB TAGS.

This sucks, wait till rossmum clicks it to see a full review.

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Well, I won’t send my "spam"here, and I’m tired of your abuse, I can say I am a novice, I made ascreenshots for your comment, not blindly sarcasm and cast off, thanks!

How does camo choice make a picture bad? Nor do TF141 models have anything I can complain about.
The lighting makes no sense. Explosion and smoke look pasted on.
You should consider your angle/prop placement/map choice in the future, the place looks really empty.
Posing is great though, especially the two guys at the front look really natural.

I can’t really give any advice on the editing though since I can’t do any of it myself, although lots of people here can prodably help you if they just are on the mood for it.
Also you can make your image magically show up in your post with [img][ /img] (remove the space), so people can see it right away.
Keep it up man, don’t give up!

You obviously are an asshole, and the fact that some people would agree with you makes it even more pathetic.

This deserves a bit more than fuck fuck fuck shit fuck fuck sake sucks.

Pose doesn’t look bad, but that’s a shitty map choice. Bigcity is fun to play in, or build, but it’s really not a screenshot map. Your edit doesn’t really fit in, either.

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Thanks for your advice, I will continue to work hard

The explosions don’t blend very well with the rest of the picture. Work on that. I also suggest you use a different map, that one is pretty bad. Don’t use chromatic aberration unless you’re going for a lens effect (sniper scope, spotting scope, binoculars) or a mirror or shadows in muddy water effect. I have no idea why the road under the nearest explosion is yellow and green, but it shouldn’t be. Orange or red would be more suitable.

Posing looks decent enough.

Your post is easily the worst thing in this thread. I’m not your personal fucking army and I don’t appreciate my fucking impending presence being used as a threat by you, someone I neither know nor care about. Wind your fucking head in before I get tempted to verbally knock it off.

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Oh, and that goes for any other cunt who wants to namedrop me like they’re my best mate, too.

yeah, don’t make me call rossmum back in here.

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Your name is call of duty, and it’s a call of duty picture. How old are you, by the way?

How is that even remotely relevant to this thread?

Your nickname is MEOWTFLOL.

It’s generic, quality raped, inaccurate, has a bad map and despite the efforts I can see in the editing, it looks bad.

On the other hand posing is alright.

Needs work.

Add tags to displat the image on FP.
Like that

Ew, why are they leaving a trail of piss?

Explosive piss

dont bother learning to edit until your poses are actually goodlOL