TF2 1920's Everything (for a comic.)

I need the normal car in these Colors:

-Taxi style

For the trucks the same as above except no the Taxi Style.

Finnaly I need these Colors for the Royce:


and this exact Gas truck

I need them to be somewhat pose able or already posed.
By which I mean the tires and doors/trunks/engine trunk.

also I need all the above, Except in crashed versions.

Now as for the TF2 teams.

I’ll figure out the clothes soon, till then.



From Top to Bottom:

M1928 Tommy Gun
Springfield Rifle (no scope)
Snubnose 38.
Winchester 1897 pump shotgun
Golden Ivory Luger (For the Villain)
Lee Enfield Number 4 MK. 4 Rifle (With Scope)

I would like them all as both Models and Effects (so I can pose easily.)

I know this is a big order, but when it’s all ready, I will be very grateful for it.

That’s an awful lot…

But, at the very least, There is a TF2 Thompson model available. It dosen’t have the drum mag, but it IS a Thompson…

well I don’t know jack about skinning and modeling.

Any form of compensation?

I’ll be making the comic.

Let me give you an estimate on how long it would take to make these models. The car would be about 10 hours work to do properly. The extra skins would be at least another hour. If you’re liberal with copy/paste, making the truck and the other car would be another 3-4 hours each. Gas truck would be another ten hours. Thompson might be doable as a TF2-ized reskin of an existing model, maybe half an hours work. Same for the Springfield. Revolver would probably need to be from scratch, about two hours work. Same for the shotgun. Luger would be another reskin, but the gold one would be much more difficult. Call it two hours for both pistols. SMLE would be yet another from-scratch model, another two hours.

That’s about 38 hours worth of work, as a rough estimate. I’m poor at time management, so give or take ten hours. Note that this is time spent working, not how long until you get it. Nobody is going to spend a day and a half straight working on these. I highly doubt you’ll be spending 38 hours on this comic.

That’s a fucking TON of work. Any sane modeller would be asking for payment. At minimum wage, that’s 275 US Dollars, or 200 Euros, or 175 British Pounds. At normal modelling wages (we’re skilled labor, not burger-flippers), you’d be shelling out $380 (275E, £240).

Yes, I understand that to do the comic you’re envisioning, you need these things. I also understand that you’re not getting them. A real artist works within the limits he has. In your case, and the case of most GMod comickers, the limit is models and skins. Instead of coming up with a story, and then demanding models to make it work, try coming up with models you can use, and then crafting a story that uses them.

there are many tutorials on the internet

Not the 20’s but still the best old TF2 styled cars I can

I see…I guess I could try that.


Im just doing this to avoid comment on my comic like “Hurr durr this isnt liek TF2!!1!1!1 that don’t belong form teh gaem!!1!.”

I’d say that in order to have even a chance of getting these, I think you should provide the modeler a script or even better, a storyboard so that he knows this isn’t one of those “i need modles for my comix”-threads and ignore it.

true that. I apologize. but first I did forget to get the story in place.

If it makes you feel better, there’s a team over on another forum working on porting cars from Mafia 2. There’s a few in there that look more '20s than '40s.

How about porting some cars from MAFIA (Not MAFIA II…)

Yeah it’d need some smoothing, but I still think it’s better than doing everything from scratch…

I agree

Hella easy.
Lugers: Use the Lugermorph.
Winchester: The Frontier Justice.
Snubnose: Use the L’ètranger.
Thompson: Use CS:S Weapons or something from Kermite’s weapons.
Lee Infield: Kermite’s weapons could have some replacements.
Cars: The Carpack.

Lurk around before requesting.

(User was banned for this post ("Flaming" - PLing))

The only user that was of any help decides to flame the OP. Great.

I’ll wait on the Mafia carpack to come out.

As for the Frontier Justice, I can just make the comic Steampunk a bit. Wouldn’t hurt.

I already have a Tommy Gun model all good.

Lugermorph I can use.

Enfield will be a problem however.

Just because the trucks had a twenties theme doesn’t mean all the cars were. Look at the truck full of coal. It looks nothing like a twenties vehicle.

Luger: Lugermorph, gold skin probably won’t happen though
Shotgun: Alpha out the battery on the Frontier Justice
Thompson: (Thanks for the hex Jason)
Rifles and trucks will be a problem though.

Knowing that your posing isn’t that great, you’ll probably be flamed out of doing anything related to the comic, so there’s good chances nobody will do this.