TF2 A smissmass story models (might contain spoilers)

Well, ever since the new comic came out, it’s time to see if anyone will be up for the challenge. However, the models shown here look like they were made in game (the first picture with the family of course). And let’s see if we can throw in Archibald,Julius, the Judge, and maybe Old Nick of Australian Christmas?


I get the feeling Rebaccus is already on this. Old Nick, at least.

Old Nick may be the most wanted one.

I would happily kill someone if Ol’ Nick is made.

The ladies are going to have a fit if there’s a scout model with him in a suit.

I REALLY want that old nick

God I know the guy (why can’t I remember his name I mean come on! he made scout’s mom and some other great tf2 models) who could possibly do Ol’ Nick.

do you mean Rebaccus?

i feel like the picture of old nick here is a better reference but that’s just my opinion

can we please continue this is really want these

You WANT them, but do you NEED them?

i see what your saying i wouldn’t say i “need” them but would strongly appreciate them.