TF2 Afterparty

Some hell of a party eh?

Wow, talk about serious fail. The posing is good, the Demo’s feet look off but turn up the graphics and don’t do it during a RP server or any server.

Whatever, it’s just the enjoyment, not how good the quality is, unless it’s totally illegible

Wooow you really are new aren’t you.


You failed!
Theres a roleplay HUD in the left corner,the posing is merde, no editing there.
Again :wtc:

Btw normal for first posing!

The posing isn’t bad at all, but again, graphics and hud :barf:

Might want to heal man. You got 67 HP there.

Probably the first unhostile reply I’ve gotten in say… 7 minutes

Scout’s face looks like Vince’s from Slapchop.

God fucking damn it. Don’t post random screenshots with an RP hud.