TF2 and Hats

Hello, I am somewhat new to Facepunch and I wanted to start thing off with a quick TF2 pose. Hope you like it

Any C&C would be appreciated, thanks

That’s actually a very nice pose IMO, i love the sniper face, and pyro’s pose


Good God, it’s been a while since we saw a newcomer who could actually pose.

Good job, hope to see more from you in the future.

And oh, for the future use or Photobucket resizes their pictures.

Oh, thanks for the tip

When taking your screenshots, max your graphics out fully. It doesn’t matter if it lags, it’s a still screenshot, remember? :buddy:

Ha, very true, I will be sure to do that from now on

You have a bright future in this section.

Listen to this man, he is one of the best.

Thanks alot, I appreciate it

Excellent posing, especially for a newcomer. Hell, I can’t do that good and I’ve had GMod for a few years now. I suggest you look up some tutorials from ChestyMcGee or The Vman, and you can go from exceptionally good to amazing in no time. :buddy:

Thank you

Damn this is great.Some pople can’t pose for shit but your great.

Good posing. I can’t emphasize enough to max out graphics before taking the shot though. Keep it up! :dance:


To do what the above man(woman?) did just use

(image url here)

Just updated the Overall quality of the image and removed the link

The image is broken, I think.

I believe that file-smelt messes up from time to time

Seems simple and pretty. I love the pyro and his “hat” <3