TF2 Belly Dancers (Now with extra HAT tool)

I downloaded the HAT tool which allows animations so I decided to test it out by making a mini music video of all the TF2 characters belly dancing. This video took about 2 days to make. I wish I had found this tool sooner, Jesus!

Song is Snake Charmer by Bassnectar (and yes, Youtube, I purchased the song on iTunes, and no, I do NOT earn profit from this video.)
Thanks to Rebbacus for the awesome Shirtless models.

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Personally I find the HAT a bit of an annoyence. It has limited uses, don’t you think?

Yes it does, but it GREATLY expands my potential. If I had the HAT tool while doing “Ich Brauche Einen Arzt” I would have created a much more quality machinima.

But anyway, what does this comment have to do with the video? What did you think of the video itself?

I thought it was great! I was quite enthralled that you used an entire month to make a movie, something that would be very hard for me to do.

A lot of the animating in the video is quite well done, I’ve heard that it’s pretty hard to animate with HAT.

I would like to give a ‘go’ for the program, too. Can you throw a link for the HAT?

Told ya Hat is good :slight_smile:
Looking forward to some quality material from ya In the future.

Thanks guys. Here’s the link to the HAT tool.

-Some advice; while I was using it, my Garry’s Mod framerate slowed down sometimes to the point that it would take 30 seconds for a 4 second animation to render. You might notice that in my video, one scene in which only Medic and Sniper’s hips are seen dancing, the clip was very slow. Sony Vegas wouldn’t allow me to shrink the clip framerate any more than it has (at was a full 30 second clip originally).
-Also, make sure you finish posing and filming before you Alt+Tab out. Gmod alt+tab’s well for me but one time it froze after I tried to go back into it, and this was when I realized that FRAPS wasn’t on and I lost the entire animation.
-Animations CANNOT be saved. If you save your game after creating a great animation and come back to it, the keyframes menu will be empty and the ragdolls will be left in the last position they were in. You’ll have to start all over.

Animations can actually be saved if you get the svn version.

The frame rate is dreadfully slow to the point where it looks like a slide show.
A lot of times bodyparts would just freeze while everything else continued to move.
Use TF2 models with TF2 maps, having TF2 models in CSS maps looks jarring.

Unfortunately yes, as my laptop had a hard time handling the Hat tool. But also, I am still experimenting with the tool and working on trying to get the movements to be more realistic, by not forgetting to animate other body parts (particularly their heads). Like I said, sometimes the framerate got so low that not even Sony Vegas could speed it up to a more desirable and realistic rate.shrugs