tf2 blood replacing gmod's blood

i have the team fortress 2 blood in gmod after installing it i have removed team fortress 2 and i downloaded other blood files from but i just cant get rid of it it wont go away help me please i also turned off content sharing for tf2 please help :frowning:

What makes you think to start a new thread that you have already made?

because nobody replied to the old one so i thought nobody saw it

I seem to be having this problem too, so im bumping this because i need to fix this D:

This happened to me before, you have to re-install Half Life 2 and Gmod. (You can backup the Gmod Addons and maps somewhere if you need them badly.)

I dont have Hl2.

I thought you need HL2 to run Gmod. Do you have it on steam? It better not be pirated, boy.

[sp]In that case, just re-install gmod.[/sp]

wasn’t that an issue with mounting games

You should also try googling it, OP. It sounds like a pretty common problem if there is two people in this thread experiencing the same problem.

You dont need just HL2 to run gmod. You need a game that uses the source engine. Calm your tits i dont have the game pirated. I have CSS, TF2 and Portal installed. and 2 source mods. I noticed That when sometimes i start gmod, the game starts without any mods unless they are out of the addons folder. The blood was working there, but then when i quit gmod and came back, and all the mods were working again, the tf2 blood was back. Perhaps someone hid a tf2 blood particles in their mod, because i looked through my mods, and i didn’t see any tf2 blood related mods.

Re-install everything you have, Steam cloud should recover your files. Just re-install them overnight.