TF2 blood spray?

In several youtube videos I have seen, when someone shoots an NPC, a TF2 blood spray comes out. However, in my game whenever I shoot an NPC, some small blood droplets come out. Why is mine different? I have Team Fortress 2 installed on my computer, how can i get a blood spray like in TF2?

are you using gmod 9? The blood spray you’re describing sounds like the one from the old source engine.

No, I have Gmod10 which I bought from Steam.

theres an older version of dismemberment mod where the blood spray is liek that ive been told… not 100% sure ive been looking for the same thing.

Pretty sure the TF2 blood glitch was fixed long ago

you can still extract the TF2 blood material from your GCF and toss that in garrysmod/materials/whereverthebloodtexturegoes