TF2 body part limbs

Hello, I’ve been wanting to make a video, but I am having trouble making it due to the fact that I need seperate ragdolls of all 9 class’s limbs. I tried searching for it on google but have found nothing. Can someone send me a link to a pack containing all this or can one of you make me these please? Thank you for reading.

PS I would also appreciate the tf2 sentry turret (level 3) to be ‘dismantled’ into several smaller props (such as the machine gun seperated from the prop, or the rockets or the body)

Are the ones included in the /gibs/ folder no good?

Nope, they need to be non-bloodied. Like say the pieices of a figurine before fully assembled.

I think many sites including gamebanana (former fpsbanana) have non blood ones.

Or you can contact Jason278, he’s good.

Thanks alot man! :smiley: