TF2 Bot spawn in GMod, does no one know how or why?

I know it is possible to spawn bots in TF2. All I want is to be able to spawn one in GMod. I do not care if it can not do anything or if it doesn’t reacts to physics. I don’t even care if it has a weapon (in fact I would prefer it didn’t). All that I need it to do is play VCD files which a ragdoll can obviously not do.

I know that I can animate TF2 models in Face Poser, I know I can spawn bots in TF2 and play VCD files with them. The only thing I don’t know is how to do this in GMod.

I have found posts where people are asking for TF2 NPCs in Garrys Mod and all that follows is usually people mocking them for the fact that “TF2 doesn’t have NPCs”. Do so few people understand the significance of being able to play VCDs with a character?

Not everyone makes gmod machinima by taking screen shots of posed rag dolls or by welding thrusters to a dolls arms:

What is the command to spawn a TF2 bot in Gmod please?!

I highly doubt that’s possible

Maybe, if you replace the NPC model with a TF2 insert TF2 character here?

It’s not possible, you could Model Manipulate a TF2 Ragdoll with a existing NPC but there would be no Animations.

Some guy is re-creating TF2 for Gmod (using original files), so you may be able to pull a bot from that.

If you have sv_cheats set to 1 and you’re in multiplayer you type bot in the console to get a bot. I don’t know if that’s what you’re looking for though.

Well, we’re trying to get those TF2 bots to work in Gmod, though.

What I meant to say was do that in Gmod.

But we’re talking about TF2 bots in Gmod. Not HL2 bots (NPCs, they’re called) but TF2 bots in Gmod.

Sorry, but this is impossible, you cannot have non-ragdoll TF2 NPCs/BOTs

Why exactly?

What I said spawns a bot, not an npc. As far as I know, it’s from the bot code in the SourceSDK (which was no doubt used for the non-functioning bots in TF2).

Different game - The bots arent Tf2 bots, they are garrysmod bots
Different animations - The animations are not in Garrysmod
Different model types - You couldn’t replace a hl2 character with TF2 model, it crashes.

Look, there’s this guy who’s working to recreate TF2 as a massive mod for Gmod, so if it ever gets released we may have Tf2 bots in Gmod.


Wait, wait, wait. It’ll spawn a Tf2 bot in Gmod? Is that right? 'Cause that’s what we’re looking for here.

Yes. I’m sure it uses the TF2 bot code which is available in the SourceSDK. Either way, it’s a bot which walks around looking here and there.

Hmmm… I’m not so sure, but I’ll try it out and get beck to you on that one…


Ive got team fortress 2 npcs in my gmod. I could give you the link if you want me to.

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