TF2 BUG - Payload wont "roll back" on rollback zones when I stop pushing

I basicly need help with what the title says. The cart goes up a rollback zone, I stop pushing in the middle of the zone, the train stays there, making it not roll back down to the bottom. Any help?

Here’s a pic of what it looks like when nobody’s pushing it, it’s in the rollback zone, and it sits still.

Why doesn’t ANY SINGLE PERSON want to help me? You can’t just expect me to get everything right on my first try. I just want to fucking have my map okay so when I do my big project (pl_bigcity), I’ll have perfect rollback and forth zones. PLEASE HELP ME

Calm down. We aren’t your personal help squad. And if you really wanted that much help you should of posted in one of the question threads. IMO you could work on something else while we are not here.

let me look up the info.

Okay. Sorry that I keep getting frustrated. It’s just that nobody likes to help me out much

Try opening one of the plr maps.


I found a rollback zone. Lemme check it out…

Got it. Now I’m just editing my map! :stuck_out_tongue:

Testing it…

Nope. Still stays there. I’m just gonna post in the questions section if I can FIND it

Just google it.

Just look for Boojum’s Ultimate Resource Pack for TF2 which has cart prefabs you copy and paste into your map.

I did that. I copied the settings of the team_train_watcher in the gametype library and changed the names of the targets, but it still won’t roll back. Besides, the only prefabs that involve payloads are the track turns prefabs.