TF2 Butterfly Knife animations

You know how the spy flips his butterfly knife open when you switch to the weapon? Well, I want to replace it with just a knife, so in order to do that, will I need to make my own animation to replace that one? Or do I need to copy that same skeleton or something (I’m sorry, not too sure how animations work).

Decompile the model (v_model if its the first person view your after), import the smd which is called usually “reference”, “ref” or “something_ref”. Then import your knife model to the same scene, line it up with the original model and then delete the oriignal model. Now you must rig your model to the skeleton that is there (import the original into another scene and check which parts of it are rigged to which bones if your not sure). Then export as an smd called “yourname_ref.smd”. Now you need to find the other decompiled smd files and the qc that was with it, open the qc in notepad and find the $body or $model line (varies) and change the smd name there from the original’s to what you called yours. Then save the qc as “knife.qc” (or whatever it doesn’t matter what you call it) and open your compiler of choice and compile it. Then put it in the equivelient file of where the original was (something like “models/weapons/v_models/” usually) making any folder that it needs that aren’t there. Then test in your game to see if it worked.

If you rig it to the skeleton right the animations will stay the same (as long as you do what I said above). Also if it seems to be invisible when you test it out (and not an error sign) you need to open the qc again and type “rotate 90” after all the $sequence lines, that should fix it.