TF2 Calander girl ragdoll.

I would like to get this for gmod.

Theres a scouts mam, witch isnt realy in teamfortress so why not the calander girl?

If one exists a link and install instructions would be nice (I have winrar)

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:
EDIT: To be in more detail I want this blu girl and the red one, so that would be 2 ragdolls. If anyone needs to see the red girl i would link a picture if you want because she looks different.

Can anyone help me?

The difference is that they did actually make some sort of model for the mom in the Meet the Spy trailer, here this is just a texture. And plus I’m sure there are plenty of girls in bikinis like this you could find on

Also the Scout’s mom model was based off of the Scout (I mean, look at that face)

I supose there are other chicks in bikinis, but i wanted to make a tribute to it by makeing other poses and putting them into a actual calander and shareing it with the TF2 and Gmod (if you wanted) Comunity.

I would really like to make this callander for peoples…

I second this.

My reproductive parts are dry.

I concur good sir.

So I am not the only one who would like this!
That’s good news, I should really teach myself how to make models ect. but i would not know where to start.

also i second this aswell as it is very sexay

Someone should do this considering i’m not the only one that wants it is seems and you would get a few downloads id not millions xD

Come on guys! :frowning:

Stop second post your self, it make u look stupid, well im sure u can find some (as seconed by many others) naked girls in the gmod page, or in bikinis… so i cant see the point in making this while some of us have never seen this calender before

I second this, too. someone should seriously do it.

Sorry for the duoble posts, I was just bumping the thread when it fell off the page.
Also I wanted it to be TF2 themed as I said before, if i wanted just plain girls in swimming clothes I would not have bothered with this thread. I want them to look like TF2 girls.
I was planning on makeing this into a calander for next year but it dose not look likely with how slow things get done on here. I would have shared it with the TF2 forums and Gmod. (If they wanted it that is.)

If no one is going to make it, stop bumping it.
Just find a bikini model and re-skin it.