TF2 Comic Characters.

. There is now more than just the 11 Characters, Including the 9 classes, The Announcer(Helen), and the Scout’s Mother.(I do not count the Sniper’s Parent since they have not been seen in any of the comics).

Now there is the Announcer’s Assistant, Miss Pauling, Blutarch, Redmond, Mrs.Degroot, Zepheniah Mann, and Saxton Hale

Miss Pauling

Family Picture Featuring Blutarch,Redmond, and Zephenian Mann(Man in bed)


Saxton Hale

Somebody is working on the announcer. Scouts mom is made.

Check the TF2chan W.I.P section im sure somebody is working on something.

Checked, The announcer model I metioned is still WIP and I didn’t see any other projects related to the other comic characters.

Scratch that, The Person making the announcer is also making Miss Pauling.

We need Saxton Hale.


Now HE would be perfect for Gmod. Imagine comics of him in your made-up adventures using his products to save the day.